This is what we are about!

Our Mission

Paintball is so much more than you think

We bring people together with one of the most exciting sports there is. Teamwork, communication, camaraderie. You may be working toward a national tournament level of play, or just a dad and his kid out for some quality bonding… Paintball delivers.

Dad and son playing paintball for birthday party
player at LAX Paintball

Our passion

It’s more than a job – it’s who we are.

Starting as an early paintball player, our love for the game could not be contained. That is why today, we dedicate a lot of our efforts toward nurturing new players with beginner tournaments, clinics and more.

We hope to see you out at our field, meet you and share our infectious passion for this sport.


The lessons learned on a paintball field go well beyond our nets.

It’s great to see people put down their phones, drop their game consoles and get active again. Not too many things these days can inspire like paintball can!


We would love to host your next event. Come see us for any of your upcoming party needs!