Paintball Prices

Individual Play

single person player at lax paintball

Single Entry

$ 50 per player
  • Rental Equipment
  • Field Fees
  • All Day Air
  • 500 Paintballs

Pricing for groups of 10 or more players

Prices shown are per player. Group pricing is available only when one payment is made for the entire amount. Otherwise, individual pricing will apply.


*Field Paint Only
$ 40 per player
  • Rental Equipment
  • Field Fees
  • All Day Air
  • 500 Paintballs

weekday private events

Want to book a private event during the week?
Book our Weekday Private Package for parties of 14 or more!

weekday private package
Up to 14 players

*Field Paint Only
$ 700
  • Field Fees
  • Standard rental equipment
  • All Day Air
  • 500 Paintballs per player
company paintball event

All above pricing is for standard paintballs - Upgrade to premium for just $3.00 per bag of 500

*All paintballs must be purchased at LAX. No outside paint is allowed.

Premium paintballs are a higher grade than the standard field ball used at LAX. Although not for everyone and every gun, the premium paint shoots straighter, marks more clearly, and is more likely to break on opponents. Check with LAX staff to see if upgrading to premium paint would benefit you!

Extra Ammo

Quantity Standard Premium
100 $5.00 N/A
300 $12.00 N/A
500 $20.00 $23.00

Rental pricing for
individual items

The Rental Packages above include high quality paintball marker, regulation paintball mask, pods with belt, high pressure air tank with free refills and high grade paintballs.